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One of my favorite pieces is the “Glassmaker’s Water Bottle” with its peculiar shape, created by and for the glass-blowers themselves. When working long days by hot fire-filled ovens, they needed a bottle that would be easily stored in a pocket. Normal bottles were too bulky and this was before refillable metal bottles, so what do you do when you’re a Glassmaker? You make something yourself!

I love serving water at the dinner table in this bottle instead of a boring store-bought package – it’s always a conversation piece.

The pine forests that surround the Marinha Grande area in the center of Portugal have been key to its glass making since the 1700s – fresh pine burned to power the furnace. Since only a few Glass Masters remain, it’s important to present a collection to preserve and strengthen this tradition.

Handcrafted in Portugal. Dishwasher safe.

Approx 3″ W x 4D x 10″ H

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